Meet The Leadership Team

North Projects has expanded its management team with the introduction of a new Associate tier of managers to the corporate structure.
Meet The Leadership Team

Over the last six months the directors have been delighted to announce the promotions of several key staff members to this level. These promotions not only recognise the incredible contributions these staff members have made, but symbolise their significant roles as leaders within the business.

These exciting promotions have paved the way for the formation of a new internal advisory group known as the ‘Leadership Team’ within North. The Leadership Team meet once a month, in consultation with the Directors and General Manager to brainstorm, collaborate, critique, evaluate and contribute to the decisions and initiatives that shape the North business. This may include; devising new training and mentoring plans, value adding service initiatives, company systems and processes, business development opportunities and more.

North recognises that its greatest asset is its people, and it is this core value which is at the centre of the new Leadership Team initiative. Congratulations to our new Associates! We look forward to an exciting 2017 ahead under the influence and guidance of our new Leadership Team.

Meet North’s Leadership Team.

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