North Goes Green

April was a month to learn and appreciate the importance of sustainability, climate change and environmental considerations in our daily life and also on our projects. It was great opportunity to learn some tips to promote project innovation, increase involvement with the community and connect more with North’s values.
North goes Green

At North, we understand that education can raise awareness about environmental issues and their impact on society, that’s why we prepared three (3) Lunch and Learn events to recognise Earth Day from different perspectives and one (1) community involvement event. We challenged our team to bring along a "waste-free lunch”.

North goes Green: In our first Lunch and Learn we reviewed North's prioritised objectives and actions, areas of improvement, and our 6-month plan. We shared ideas to evaluate existing practices with established best practices.

Sustainability on projects: We picked up the brains of North’s leaders to understand how different technical consultants promote and address environmental sustainability in services to clients. Diving into the impacts of population growth, resource use, waste management, value for money, cultural heritage, and liveability on our projects.

Altona Beach Clean: North participated in a beach clean-up with Beach Patrol at Altona Beach. A community bonding event where we learned that cleaning up beaches can help to preserve marine life. It was great to see people come together to clean up their community, it can foster a sense of community pride and engagement, and can also help build stronger relationships between community members. Working alongside other volunteers, the team collected an impressive 65kg of litter, including over 500 cigarette butts. The successful clean-up event underscores North’s ongoing dedication and commitment to aligning our corporate social responsibilities with community initiatives that align with our team’s values.

Sustainable living: We had a final discussion about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle through a circular economy. We highlighted benefits such as reduced stress, increased financial freedom, and a greater sense of purpose. By eliminating the distractions of unnecessary possessions, our team can focus more on their goals and what they truly value. This can lead to a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Thanks to our team for their participation and commitment. By understanding the impact of human activities on the environment, we can make informed decisions that reduce their ecological footprint.

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