North Projects Bolsters Construction Industry Presence with Acquisition of Fission, Expanding Expertise and Reach

North Projects Pty Ltd is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition of Fission, a highly respected Brisbane-based consultancy firm specialising in project estimating, planning, and risk analysis.
North Projects Acquisition of Fission

This exciting union marks a significant milestone for North Projects as it strengthens its capabilities and extends its reach in the construction industry. The acquisition of Fission represents a strategic move that will enhance North Projects' ability to deliver exceptional projects while providing clients with access to a wider range of specialised services and expertise.

Fission has a strong presence and specialisation in civil infrastructure, resources, transport, water, and energy projects across Australia make them an ideal partner for North Projects. The acquisition allows North Projects to expand its offerings and provide clients with a comprehensive reporting solution for project estimation, planning, constructability, and risk assessment. Clients can now benefit from the combined strengths of North Projects and Fission, receiving tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of their projects. The integrated approach ensures seamless coordination, increased efficiency, and successful project outcomes.

The addition of Fission to the North Projects family not only enhances North Projects' service portfolio but also expands its geographic reach. Fission's strong presence in Brisbane and their successful track record across Australia align perfectly with North Projects' commitment to serving clients throughout the region. This acquisition opens up new opportunities for collaboration and growth, allowing North Projects to deliver exceptional projects across a wider market.

North Projects' excitement about the acquisition of Fission is rooted in the shared values and dedication to excellence that both companies embody. The acquisition signifies a powerful union of expertise, experience, and a common goal of delivering exceptional results for clients. Together, North Projects and Fission are poised to set new standards in the industry and drive innovation in project estimating, planning, and risk analysis.

As North Projects embarks on this exciting new chapter with Fission, the company looks forward to the enhanced capabilities, specialised solutions, and extended reach that the acquisition brings. Clients can expect an even higher level of service, strengthened by the collective knowledge and expertise of North Projects and Fission. This strategic move reinforces North Projects' commitment to providing innovative, tailored solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.